Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Assail Affiance

On view March 28-March 30, 2012
Closing reception Friday, March 30, 2012 5-8pm

“In my paintings, I depict layers of time and space, fusing together elements of color and pattern, to create a vibrant visual experience. I create movement, described with paint, intermixing the different patterns and layers. The patterns, colors and shapes interrupt the previous and following layers, changing the chronology of how the painting was made and how the painting is read.” –Kat Fong

“I am interested in the absence and presence of the tangible. My work is influenced by mortality and my genuine response to loss, and celebration of life. Through the use of a minimal formal language, I manipulate parts of organic patterns to create a unified composition. Using this visual language I strive to show how delicate existence is. I work methodically in choosing palette, paper, and process.” –Amanda Jones

MIMESIS: Paul Biema & Gabbi Ricci